Send mails from spreadsheet


I am trying to send emails to users in our organisation. Their email addresses er generated in a spreadsheet, and i have created a variable I am trying to use to send the email (the variable is called “samlet E-mail”)


But it doesnt work with the variable? Should I make it as a semicolon seperated file? I dont know if its because the robot cant read it from the excel file

Hi @Kekth,

Refer this post.

use Read Range activity to read the all the mail and get it into datatable

arrvalue=(from line in Dt.Select select Convert.ToString(line("samlet E-mail"))).ToArray()


use strMailId in thesend SMTP mail message properties To


I dont understand where you want me to insert this??

Do I need to define new variables and insert somewhere? I don’t know how to set it all up.