How to take Screen shot under Lock System or how to take overall screen including time and date bottom of the screen

Hi Expert,

thanks for help previous question. that help me lot.

I have one more question how to take screenshot overall screen of the computer. It work when system is open but when i am windows locked (Win+L) bot can’t run to take the screen shot. is there any way to take PrtScr under lock?

I am try to use PrtScr but i can’t. Please help me for this.

Hi there @karampuri_sathish

Can you give more details like what kind of license you are using and what are you trying to take a screenshot of?

Hi @Raghavendraprasad,

First of all many thanks for quick reply.

I am using Community Version. I try to take Google Chrome Screenshot with time and date. Is there any way to take under lock?

Community version is the studio edition - can you tell me what license have you consumed in your bot? Attended, unattended, etc…
Also, why not 'DateTime.Now variable?

I am using Unattended bot. I want Clipboard of Screen.
As like below screen for once monitor. Currently am using three monitor. Is there any way to take under locked screen.