How to take screenshot under a locked screen in UiPath

I have this simple workflow where I am trying to take screenshot if the required file is not present in the given path and attach the screenshot on mail and send it.

But for some reason when I am trying to run this workflow through orchestrator in a locked desktop it’s not able to take the screenshot.

PS - The workflow works fine when I maually log in to the Remote Desktop Server. but it doesn’t when I run it through orchestrator.

Robot Type - Unattended
License Type - Enterprise License
Studio Version - 2022.4.5

Hi @Ishan_Shelke ,

Could you let us know if you are receiving an Error or is the image not saved as a file ?

Also, Is the Image being saved as a file, if so in which folder ?

Hi @supermanPunch,

I am not receiving any error, My image isn’t getting saved.

Also All my Screenshots are getting saved in the root folder of the project.

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