Any know how take ScreenShot with screen locked? i m read and do a lot of things and cant

hello everyone, i m try to get a ScreenShot with the Windows Screen locked, the robot is unattended and i m using version community.

i get error when try to save the image, this is the output: message": “Write Line: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.”

if any do it can share with me please or any help!

this would be no problem, your error must be something else, not because it is locked…

i was can take ScreenShot with locked windows before, but in the new versions i cant, soo i was try a lot of things and cant take the ScreenShot and save it. For that reason i was open this case

see the message came from write line activity… something is wrong with the text you wanted to write…

Yes, i get this message when use Take ScreenShot activities and i m try to see the output in a write line, like imagen.tostring. that means cannot take the screenshot with screen locked. i dont know if you understand me, but i m invited you to try to this in your environment and check if works for you

i use it all the time with unattended robots… what is the error you get when you take the screenshot?

i get this message, i just do a single test, put the take ss activitie and put output variable image type, and later try to write line and get this error, and if remove write line, i get error whn try save image.

still i cannot understand this test, as i cannot see the output of your screenshot activity, maybe you have some variable problems there…

this picture is better? here can see the variable type and output also too

the output of the screenshot activity…

in the output channel is the error is like the robot can take the screenshot