How to take screen Shot of Data Table in excel and Insert this Screenshot in Word File

Suggest a method to resolve it.

Hi @Gopikrishna_S ,

Check this out:


but the range excel may vary, how to overcome it.

There is a Take Screenshot activity available in Studio. If you want to take the screenshot of excel file, open the excel file and use take screenshot activity to save the screenshot to a particular path. Add the picture in the word document using add Picture activity in word activities package.
Or else, you can read the table using excel activities and can use ‘Insert Datatable to word Document’ activity to paste the data table as a table in the document instead of doing it as a screenshot.

Data table may differ in range some time it may be 70+ rows So that Screen Size is not enough to take the full screen shot of the Data table

@Gopikrishna_S , you can keep the range property as empty string in the activity ""
It will give you the data present in the sheet as image regardless of number of rows or columns.



Better and clean method would be to save the excel file as pdf using save excel as pdf activity…this will save whatever range or sheet you provide into pdf

Now use save pdf as image activity to convert to image

Then use word activities to add picture into the word document

Attached the activities for your reference


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In that case, you can read the data from excel using a read range activity and insert it to word document as a table itself instead of taking screenshot. Use ‘Insert datatable to document’ activity.

But the Requirement is We have to take screenshot and insert that screen shot Word.

I Cant able to find this ativity in my activity panel. What is the Package name





Did you happen to try the above steps.?


how to add the result “Image” Variable in Word file


its asking for Picture Path but the picture is in image variable

@Gopikrishna_S ,

The path where image has to be saved can be given here :


Same path can be used in the insert picture


That image variable you should use as input in “Save Image” activity to save your image at desired location then use that path in further steps mentioned by others for Word related activities.

Hello everybody:
I made a process that had to capture an excel and saved it in a word.
To do this, use the Invoke VS method.
I put the code in a variable and the range that was modified was introduced with a replace to a value.

also I More Doubt how to add one more new page in word file using UiPath

@Gopikrishna_S ,