How to take full Screen Screen shot without Scrolling down?

Hi All,

I want to take a full screen sceenshot without scrolling down to the bottom of the chrome page?
How to achieve this in UiPath? please help.



you can use the keyboard shortcut Alt +Shift +P in Chrome to take a full-page screenshot

Check this out for more information

If not this works either with few send hot key and click activity in UiPath

Cheers @Ritesh_Burman

Hi @Palaniyappan ,

Thanks for replying, I am not getting anything pop up after pressing Alt+Shift+P.

I need to take the whole page screenshot using UiPath somehow. Any help?


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I forgot to mention
You need to install a extension for that
After that when u press alt+shift+p then it will throw option to take full screenshot

Extension is Full Page Screen capture
You can add from this link to your chrome

Cheers @Ritesh_Burman

Hi @Ritesh_Burman ,
This topic has solution
check it