Take a screenshot of a webpage including the taskbar

How can I take a screenshot of a webpage in Google Chrome including the taskbar ?

I need the Windows Date/Time as evidence.

I am trying:
“Sequence > Use Browser Chrome: > Do > Take Screenshot”

But this way I cannot get the taskbar.

If I put the “Take Screenshot” outside “Use Browser Chrome”, and no element is indicated, the screenshot is taken from Desktop(INCLUDING the taskbar), but not the Browser…

If I put the “Take Screenshot” inside “Use Browser Chrome”, I cannot remove the indicated element, and this way the taskbar in not included…


Use Take screenshot activity without indicating on the screen.

For your reference:-


Hello @nelson.lcordeiro

You can use Take screenshot activiyt and you can change the clipping region. Check the below post.

Hello guys,

Now I found that there are 2 “Take Screenshot” elements.
It’s ok now using “Take Screenshot” and then “Save Image”.


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