How to take Error screen shot and attachment send over mail

How to take Error screen shot and attachment send over mail in Re Frame work.

Hi @Alok_Dwivedi ,

If you create process with RE frame work template it will come with logic to take screenshot when exception occurs. you could find this flow under set transaction status work flow and you could find in system exception sequence.

in the take screenshot activity we would have one in/out argument which is holding the path for screenshot variable we have captured the screenshot from the activity so you could use one send outlook email activity or send exchange email activity and assign the screenshot file path variable to the attachment section for the send outlook/exchange mail activity.

i hope the above information might helpful for your requirement. thanks.

Please help me out as soon as possible.

Hi @Alok_Dwivedi ,

did you tried the suggestion i have shared. thanks.

You can use take screenshot activity to take the screenshot.
while sending mail, you can pass the file path of the attachement(screenshot) in the arguments of send outlook mail messages activity.

Hope this helps…

Yes i tried it but i’m unable to find take screenshot workflow in the set transaction.

Please refer the below screenshot. you have to go inside the system exception sequence in the set transaction status work flow.

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Thanks i got it now.

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your welcome.

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