Screen shot how to attach to the outlook?

Hi All,

In my project i have added try cath, if any error its coming to Catch.
I wanna take screen shot and send it in email

I did the following

How to attach the screen shot in the email?


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In the send outlook or send exchange email activity using the attachment option you can pass the Path_Screenshot to send it as attachment.

using send outlook mail activity -->attach files–> provide path of attaching file in the value field.

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it dint work


It looks you have problem with Save Image, check the file path. Use a Writeline and check whether it is a valid path for a file to be saved.


Hi ,
You are getting error while saving image.
Please provide valid path in save image activity.

Untitile.png in file path is file name of image and remaining will be full path of file to be saved .
“s” is output of take screenshot activity.

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some time it works.
Some time its not

The same variable i am using in all catch block…
Once i cath exception, i am stopping process…

Please check take screenshot activity out put variable and save image input variable must be be same and data type should be image

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