Attach screenshot to Send Outlook Mail Message

I want to take screenshot of application error and attach it using the ‘Attach Files’ option of the Send Outlook Mail Message.
How can it be done?
I am using Take Screenshot & Save Image options but not sure how to attach it.

Hi @sayanghosh333

Store the screenshot path in a string variable and specify that string variable in the Send Outlook Mail message activity


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Hey, i did this but it is returning only the path in text and not the file as image.

—use TAKE SCREENSHOT activity to take the screenshot and get the output with a variable of type Image

—now pass this variable as input to SAVE IMAGE activity where mention the image variable as input and also the filepath like this

This will store that file to that folder

Now in attach file property of SEND OUTLOOK MAIL ACTIVITY mention the same as input argument like this

Cheers @sayanghosh333

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Hi @sayanghosh333

Please try the attached workflow

And use the ScreenshotPath variable in Send Outlook Mail Acitvity
Screenshot.xaml (4.8 KB)

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