How to stop the process

Hi. I have created a form and I have two buttons (Submit & Cancel) inside the form. I want to be able to stop the entire process when the user clicks Cancel.

How should I do that?

Hi @redanime94 ,

You can use terminate workflow activity or throw activity to stop the bot.

Refer below link


Thanks for the quick response. How do I use it though? Sorry I am a newbie in UI Path. :grinning:

Hi @redanime94 ,
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Pls gothrough


have tried it but it won’t work… what i am trying to accomplish is - i have a form created in ui path. if i press “cancel” i need the whole process to stop.

Hi @redanime94 ,

Use a if condition, and check in that if the Cancel button clicked is true then use the terminate workflow activity and stop the code from running.


Hi @redanime94

You will be clicking the cancel right?

Try this one

  • Use trigger scope
    • Click trigger and indicate on the cancel
    • Inside action keep terminate workflow to stope the process or else throw activity to stop the workflow

Hope this Helps