How to stop message box from prompting every row

Hello all,
When I run it, the message box will keeps coming up for every row in an excel sheet. I want to make it so that the message box only comes up once after going through every row first and telling me whether what I am looking for is within the column or not.

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Kindly remove the message box in the ELSE part of if condition so that we will be getting only when the condition matches

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Hi and thanks for replying,
If I do that, how would I also get the prompt for “notworking” message box if the condition does not match?

This states that we need only when it matches
So if we need in such cases alone we need to mention message box in THEN part alone
And if we want to know the message that it didn’t match as well, then we can use either write line activity or log message activity mentioning like
“Not working” so that it won’t get displayed as a message box rather will get displayed in output panel, we can use that for debugging

Simple isn’t it
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Thank you!

Cheers @PSI

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