For each excel Row How do I message box counting out the numbers?


I have a question about “Excel For each Excel Row”.

If “did” is 0, I want to show the number in the message box.

error5 ex) 0 have eight.

If i check the “Write line”, 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Eight of them come out well.

When “message box” is executed, it is written 1 on the message box and repeated 8 times.

I don’t know what’s wrong.

I’ll attach a capture image.
I’d appreciate your help.


Remove .count in your message box…


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Thank you for Replying

However, it not been fully resolved. :thinking:


message change “0” but Message box 8 is repeated.

I want only 1 message box NOT REPEAT & “C_C_C 0 have eight”

I also attached an Excel file. :wink:
practice.xlsx (11.8 KB)


As per condition if number is less than 1 message bos is displayed and 0 is present 8 times in the given excel…Hence you are getting 8 times…

if you want to break or stop the loop once you find 0 then use break activity after the message box


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If I put the brakes on it, of course I can stop it.

What I mean is…
I just want to see one message box…
that’s knowing “0” having 8.
Because it changes every time. I don’t want to put on a breakpoint, I want to show it all at once.

I apologize if my intention was not clear using a translator. :disappointed_relieved:


Then use fa filter datatable and filter the required row with 0 and then use filtereddt.rowcount and in message box write

"0 is repeated " + filtereddt.rowcount.tostring

Or create a integer variable and initialize it with 0 …then in the then condition use counter = counter+1 in assign and get the count and outside the loop use

Msg box with "0 is repeated " + counter.tostring

Hope this helps


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Hello @oscar.o
Refer to this Xaml file you will some ideas. (147.1 KB)

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Oh! i think maybe close to solution

There’s only one message box :+1:

i using filter datatable but still error

But… why saying 0… :smiling_face_with_tear:


Is there anything I missed?

Thank you for replying

you gave me works fine there’s no error!

However, the workbook is not available for dbf.

excel mean sample datatable…

i must using dbf so Use Excel File / For Each Excel Row…

Is it possible to apply dbf? :dizzy_face: (33.3 KB)


Give the correct column number …column numbers start from 0 not 1…or give name as "did"… And try with "0"


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Thank you very much for your infinite kindness. :smiling_face:

It was very helpful to give warm consideration to beginner


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