Write Cell prompts a Save message

Sometimes when I run a workflow with write cell activity, it will prompt a message saying xx file already exists, do you wish to replace it. I do not have any other file with the same name in the folder for the excel and also, why would that message display?

Basically, when replacing text, deleting rows/columns Excel prompts a message.
To suppress these warnings, in VBA we use
Application.DisplayAlerts = False

Once the work is done, we set back to True else it will never show alerts.

Please invoke code to set alerts to False/True.

Oh ok. There is no way to prevent the write cell activity from auto saving?

In the Excel Application Scope, Please uncheck - Auto Save Option in the properties panel and try.

@KarthikByggari, I can still see that the excel is saving itself automatically after each activity.

It seems the saving problem occurs when I have other excel files (not the same name) open while UiPath is running. After a few different runs of UiPath, the save message popups and can be solved by closing all excel files before running UiPath again.