How to terminate workflow

hello guys,
In my web app if my element exist “geterror” is true then terminate or close my work flow the else part is working correctly…
red circle highlighted where i want terminate my workflow…

pls suggest me which activity should i use and how ?

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Hi @prashantP,

if you are using re-framework then redirect the process state to end process state by throwing an exception called business exception

Though this is not an optimal usage of terminate workflow activity as this does an abrupt ending of the process:-
you can also use terminate workflow and give the exception as New exception (“exception message write here”) in the properties of the terminate workflow activity
also give the reason for terminating


hey @srishsai thanks for replay urgently…
its working and it showing error message…

but is there any option to hide message or it will not appear…

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i didnot get the exact requirement , can you please elaborate

below exception message is displaying

so my question is their any way to hide this msgbox and close directly…

Hope this would help you

Cheers @prashantP

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thanks @Palaniyappan

it looks great…

bt i dont know how i can use try catch in my workflow…

Hi, Buddy

You could try and use a Flow Chat and a Decision Flow. If everything is ok (true), go to the next flow. Otherwise (false) just show a message and nothing else will happen, teminating the workflow

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Yes, I am also looking for the same solution, I want to have silent stop the work flow, not any dialog pop up and click ok button. Any one will shred the light?

Many thanks!

Hi @prashantP

Use Throw Activity brother

You need to give like this in Exception filed in the properties

New BussinessRuleException(“Your Termination message”)

Hope this will help you



It works well! Thank you!