How to stop a robot execution?


I want to stop a robot in the middle of execution without use exception.

Only stop, like this


Ignoring the false condition should stop the robot.


Thanks, that works in this conditions.

But if the flowchart is inside several other i don’t know what do. Just ignoring the false condition the robot keep running.

Do you have suggestions?


Did you say you don’t want terminate workflow activity


With Flowcharts, you’re best bet is just using your condition with a Decision box and leaving nothing on one end so it stops execution, or put a sequence there that performs closing all your applications or whatever you need.


“Terminate Workflow” activity throw a exception, like a error. I want only finalize the execution. Do you know others alternatives?


I agree with you.
In my workaround, I insert empty Sequence instead of Stop.
Because of explicit to stop.