How to stop a job from an Automatically Started Process?

Guys, how can I stop these kind of jobs?

In some tests I made a bot that create some actions for a user. And then, after creating the process, I flaged the “Automatic Start Process”. Now I’m seeing a lot of jobs being created, and actiond too, and I can’t change this flag because everytime I try, there’s a warning saying that I can’t change a process with pending jobs:

Everytime this process executes, it create a Action, and wait for the user to answer it. If I finish the action another jobs is created and so goes on…

I’m using Cloud Orchestrator btw

Hi @lucas.stern,
What settings do you have for this process?

Oh I see… so this is the flag which you can’t switch off right? Let me bring someone who could help here.

So, Im still with this issue and even after opening a ticket for the support, its not resolved. :frowning:

Hi @lucas.stern,
I asked the team for assistance. I’m sorry that it takes so long.

I’m back will an (hopefully) solution.
Step1: Kill the robot service on the machine where process is running.
Step2: Kill the jobs in orchestrator. Robot shouldn’t be able to start new job again as the service is not available.
Step3: Edit the process and disable the autostart option.

Hopefully this will help.

Hi Pablito.

So, I have already done that with no success.
After the step 1, new jobs still are hone being created (with status ‘Peding allocation’) but those i can kill. The problem is the jobs that already exists with status “Pending”, those i can’t kill or delete:

This process create an Action for my user, but if I just finish the action, the jobs will still exists, since theres no Robot processing it. And I cant turn the robot back ON because new jobs will be created.

With those pending jobs existing, no way to just disable the autostart option either.

Just for a clarification, I am with a Ticket open, but the support team still was not able to solve this catch-22 that Im facing :slight_smile:

Thank you for letting know. I informed about it further. I will get back to you when I will have more information. It’s really weird issue.

Could you please let me know your support ticket number? I want to push this case further to help you asap but need to know which case was opened for you.

Good morning Pablito, the ticket number is 00767086

Funny enough, its looks like after 1000 pending jobs, the process starts to run with more delay between the executions