Hi everyone,
How someone can start their RPA Developer career with an RPA associate certificate?
If you are working as a RPA developer, could you help me to get into this field without having experience?
Thanks in Advance


Refer below link for your reference

In that check below section where you will get all the required information and also Practice Test

Hope this will help you


Thank you so much

I passed that one and UiPath Certified Advanced RPA Developer but still can’t start RPA Developer career after seeking jobs for a year.
All positions request 2 more years EXP under developer job title.

Hi so sorry to hear that ,
to get in into rpa carreer usually company will seek for fresher whome they will teach , so to get 1st rpa jobs without experice really is hards

i suggest having internship/freelancing and using that as your experince

im slo still learning after getting my 1st rpa job
hope you the best !

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Thank you Ahmad,
internship refused me as well
they are looking for fresh developer graduates
had to give up as spend one and half year seeking job.
back to eCommerce jobs
at least I can use tools for daily job