How to start loop on a specific row/line


How do I start the loop in a specific row in StudioX?

I use for each row activity, but I want to start the loop in “i5” cell to get the data and use type into activity. Please see screenshot below.

Newbie here :smile:

Use linq to skip first 5 rows and start the process after the 5th row


You can skip as much as row you want just mention how many rows you want to skip in the linq query.

Then use this datatable to loop and process


Sreejith S S

Can you create an example using StudioX?

in for each activity you have a property called index
Create a variable their
in for each insert an if activity the condition is index <5 do nothing else read somethink

Hi @Youssef_Ouajdi,

Apologies, but before I created this topic, I already tried to search for a solution and read all related problem same with mine.

The difference is all the solution available is only for Uipath Studio and not for Uipath StudioX.

Anyways, thank you for your response.


Can you try to indicate top-left address (like “I5”) as the following?
We might not be able to indicate column name from context menu, but it works if input column name directly. (56.2 KB)


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