Get specific column range in a "For each Excel Row" activity (StudioX)

I’m using a “For each Excel Row” activity in StudioX and am trying to copy information from each row into a new sheet. The problem is I don’t want all of the columns in each row, I just want a specified range. Searching and trial/error have thus far been fruitless.

Is there a way to format the query(similar to what I’ve attempted in the screenshot below) to only chose columns B-L from the current row? I am using StudioX 2020.10.7 if that matters. Thanks in advance for any and all help.


Hi ,

DataView dtView = new DataView(dtYourDataTable);
DataTable dtTableWithOneColumn= dtView .ToTable(true, "ColumnA");

you can try using linq in the save for later. the result is Datatable and it can be passed in Write range.

Thanks for the reply @Priyanka_Ramesh, unfortunately I’m very new to this and don’t know how to us linq. In your code are there elements I need to replace with relevant items/variables from my code?

Different line of thought: Can you do something similar to the shot below? (Doesn’t work as is,)

Error: ‘Range’ is not a member of ‘UiPath.Excel.CurrentRowQuickHandle’


Any other suggestions/explanations? Thank you in advance for the help.