How to split strings by spaces



I have a cell that I want to split into different strings
E.g. “Monday I am” to get “Monday” “I” “am”

How do i do this?

I have done this

But I keep getting


I have a array of string in which words are to be separated by space

Hi @avene,

Split string activity can be used.




Thanks for your reply… but is there any way i can obtain this package? I can’t seem to find it in my version!


Click on Manage packages in the activities panel.
There you can find all the available packages.


:frowning: i can’t seem to find it, is there another place i can load it in?


Check in Update once.


There’s nothing there too :frowning:


The package name is Microsoft.Activities.Extensions.

But it should also work with the String.Split method as you tried, probably the variable row1 is not initialized, as the error says. Can you show us more of your workflow?



I can only see these functions in the package. How do i go about finding the “split.string”?


Actually, the SplitString activity is part of the Workflow Manager Activities package:

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