Split string in a cell

Hello everyone,
i’ve some trouble on my use case :

I want to split a string of characters with the first space to meet into an excel file .
for example :
Designation value price => designation(column2) - value(column3) - price(column4)

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@beesheep @Manjuts90

please guys I need help

thanks at all.

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Try this :point_right:testSubstring.xaml (10.1 KB)

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thank you for the response, but I can’t find the split string activity


do you have all the packages installed?

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Manage your Packages, then search for “Workflow Manager Activities”
Now you should have the spit activity

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I’m trying to install it but it’s not available

Please select Available packages option then search.
Paste screen shot if still having issue

Sorry I was stupid on that one, I was looking for the package in the file you sent me.

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thank you very much @nadim.warsi @beesheep @Manjuts90 f