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Hi, i was using enterprise old version and the system told me to convert to Windows version, but after that, microsoft activies just got corrupted as the new version does not support them. Problem is, i was using Split String activity on my workflow, and i can’t find any activity that replaces the old one. could anyone tell me a similar one that perform the same activity?

Hi @matheus_acellerador

Can you try this approach-

Assign inputString As String = “Hello,World”
Assign splitResult As String() = inputString.Split(New String() {“,”}, StringSplitOptions.None)


hi @matheus_acellerador

There isn’t any need to install a package for an operation to split String.
There are different ways to do it as follows:

For eg: if you have


You can use:






Second Example :

if your String is something like

stringData=“abcd1234 and efgh5678 or gehe7585”

and if you wanna split it using “and” and "or’ you can use something like this:


Hope this helps!!

Happy Automation!!!

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