Orchestrator advanced Scheduling using cron expression



If our schedule interface is not enough and you have to create more advanced schedules you can use Advanced option.

Using this: http://www.cronmaker.com/ you can create any schedule that you need.

  1. Choose your schedule

  1. Click on Generate Cron

  1. Copy the cron from the Result section

  1. In Orchestrator advanced tab paste the cron expression and Save

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What’s the best way of incorporating bank holidays? Is it still creating a separate file to reference within the process or is there anything more sophisticated?


We don’t support this feature yet.


@Andrei_Pop, @badita Any idea if we are going to incorporate this feature in the future? Client asks us if we can have a custom calendar defined for holidays.

Also any workaround that we can currently suggest? Like adding a script with the defined holidays?


Question - is there a reliable source for all bank holidays worldwide?

If not, would a custom bank holiday schedule work? Would only need to be configured once a year.

I guess the current alternative is to build this in to the worklow? Maybe utilising an API to aforementioned source of bank holidays…



Google says it is.


Every day is a Bank Holiday for you @badita! :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi Badita,
I wanted to schedule my BOT to run once in every 15 minutes between 5 AM and 7 PM everyday. could you please help me.


You can use the below cron expression.
0 15 5-19 * * * * ?


Does orchestrator support 5/15 option as start 5 minutes pass certain hour and repeat every 15 minutes?
I would like to define a schedule as 0 5/15 13 5 * ? *
and orchestrator shows this as


I will reply to myself, the exact time is shown when mouse cursor is hoovering above the clock icon. Nevertheless, I would expect that right start time would be shown also in the appropriate place as well.
And yes, the cron worked as specified.


Hi Andrei,

Do we have the ability using Orchestrator scheduling to skip holidays in 2018.2? This feature if available would be very useful for processes that depend on working days only, without having to code in your process.



Hi Priya,

The feature “Holiday Calendar” will be available starting with Orchestrator 18.3.

You can actually try it out on beta.uipath.com.

Skip Holidays Option for Orchestrator Scheduling

@cristi_pufu, Thank you very much, I’m looking forward to it.