File Change Trigger

I am trying to get a process to run once a file with a certain name is created but I am having trouble getting the File Change Trigger to work - I have followed this video exactly and am not getting any results after running the bot:

I am using the community edition of Studio and have version 20.4 of the UiPath.System.Activities package installed.

@jasonnguyen…did you get any answers for this? I am facing the same issue.

Hi @Krithi1 ,

Can you share your workflow?
Which version FileChangeTrigger do you use? (The latest is V3)


@Krithi1 - Please take a look at the workflow… (35.7 KB)

Output Received…

For Newfile

For File Rename

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@prasath17 - does your workflow need any packages installed? I see the below error when I opened the xaml. Please let me know.

@Yoichi - it’s a part of system package and I am using 20.10.3 version of system packages. I will send the screenshots in a bit

Package Properties --> Its FilechangeversionV3.


Thank you much @prasath17 - Your workflow is working great. I just updated the version as well. I will try on my workflow and let you know if any issues.

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HI @Krithi1 @prasath17,

This is FYI.

TriggerScope activity provides TriggerArgs which have information for the event.
So, if we want to branch process depending on each event, we can write as the following, for example.

Hope this helps you


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@Yoichi - Thank you for the info. Good to know that, it helped!!

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