How to set [value per robot] value via API call?

I need to update the asset value (per robot) before starting a job. Is there any way to set it with an API call?
According to API AssetRobotValueDto does not support any method.

Here’s some python code that does just that (using the requests library).

assets_api = ""

robot_values = [
        "RobotId" : robot_id1,
        "RobotName" : robot_name1,
        "StringValue" : new_asset_value1,
        "ValueType" : "Text"
        "RobotId" : robot_id2,
        "RobotName" : robot_name2,
        "StringValue" : new_asset_value2,
        "ValueType" : "Text"
asset_value = {
    "Id" : asset_id,
    "Name" : asset_name,
    "Value" : "[Value per robot]",
    "ValueType" : "Text",
    "ValueScope" : "PerRobot",
    "CanBeDeleted" : 'true',
    "StringValue" : 'null',
    "BoolValue" : 'false',
    "IntValue" : 0,
    "CredentialUsername" : 'null',
    "CredentialPassword" : 'null',
    "RobotValues" : robot_values
response = requests.put(assets_api, headers=header_auth, json=asset_value)

Hello, I am now using the postman to call and below is my body. However, have no idea why the return status = 400 empty or invalid anti forgery header token? can anyone help what is the problem?

“Id”: 427,
“Name”: “strRequest”,
“CanBeDeleted”: true,
“ValueScope”: “PerRobot”,
“ValueType”: “Text”,
“Value”: “[Value per robot]”,
“StringValue”: null,
“BoolValue”: false,
“IntValue”: 0,
“CredentialUsername”: null,
“CredentialPassword”: null,
“RobotValues”: [
“RobotId”: 955,
“RobotName”: “chatbot”,
“StringValue”: “aaa”,
“ValueType” : “Text”,
“Id”: 427


Is it possible to update the password of only 1 robot using this method if there are other robot credentials configured for that same asset? I just read another post that says when he changes the password of 1 robot, it deletes the other configured robot credentials.