How to create assets per robot

Hello all,
I try to create new assets with the activity “http request”. I tested it with the swagger-site on our Orchestrator and it worked with the valuescope “Global”. I used something like
But I don’t know how to create a new asset with values per robot. Which informations are necessary in my json and which aren’t allowed or will lead to an error?
Thank you!

Hi all,
with a little bit more time and some trials I got a first json that works: {“Name”:“1234__Name”,“ValueScope”:“PerRobot”,“ValueType”:“Text”,“Description”:“mydescription”,“RobotValues”:[
{“RobotId”: 5,“RobotName”: “yourRobotName_1”,“ValueType”: “Text”,“StringValue”: “TestRobot1”},
{“RobotId”: 4,“RobotName_2”:“yourRobotName_2”,“ValueType”: “Text”,“StringValue”: “TestRobot2”} ]}
The RobotID must be an integer value, you must know the richt value for your robots, in my case it is 4 and 5.
The next step will be trying to change for Integer and boolean values, but I think that will work, too.
Happy automation!