Trouble using GetRobotAsset api

Hi all

I am trying to use the Odata.GetRobotAsset API to return details of perrobot asset specifying the ID of the robot and the name of the asset but it returns the following response

“message”: “The asset does not have a value associated with this robot.”,
“errorCode”: 1002,
“resourceIds”: null

My request url looks like this


Can anyone point out where I am going wrong (I have left off the API key because it is not required for my post) as there is an asset associated with the robot that has an ID of 1

Cheers David

Fetching Asset Value Per Robot "The asset does not have a value associated with this robot" - #4 by Madalina_Boboc Give this a look

Many thanks for the reply its was helpful. However the GetRobotAsset API would be much easier to use if it worked, do you have any experience with this?