Create Asset per Robot over Orchestrator API

I want to write a Java program which creates Assets per Robot over UiPath Orchestrator API.
I used AssetDto with AssetRobotValueDto.
My Body is : { “Name”: “OrchestratorTest”, “CanBeDeleted”: true, “ValueScope”: “PerRobot”, “ValueType”: “Text”, “Value”: “[Value per robot]”, “StringValue”: “”, “BoolValue”: false, “IntValue”: 0, “RobotValues”:[{ “RobotId”: “30”, “ValueType”: “Text”, “StringValue”: “test19”, “BoolValue”: false, “IntValue”: 0, “CredentialUsername”: “”, “CredentialPassword”: “”}]}
And I make a POST Request with this https URL:
I substituted with my Servername

When I make this Request I get: Server returned HTTP response code: 500 for URL:
at Source)
at Source)
at Source)
at webAPIActions.Asset.defineAssetPerRobot(
at webAPIActions.Asset.createAssetPerRobot(
at webAPIActions.Asset.createOrUpdateAsset(
at access.OrchestratorActions.main(

Are you on the same version? @qateam

Solved: RobotId is from Typ Integer but I delivered as a String so there an error appears!