How to set the dropdown in uipath apps

i have read this .How to build a dropdown in UiPath apps - #3 by shetanshudhar
Still dont know how to .
In studio, the argument is the list(array string )type, the .xaml file is exported to the process of the app.
my question is where i can set the value (A,B,C)of dropdown A,B,C will show in one drop down list.
What do i need to set in the column?

Thank you

Hi @eimon,
set the VB expression: {β€œA”,β€œB”,β€œC”}.
And chose an β€œout” argument instead of β€œin” argument.

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hello @PeCour
If i choose the β€œout” argument , the VB default value is not supported(can not set {β€œA”,β€œB”,β€œC”})
Then i use the assign activity in the flow. List1(array string)= {β€œA”,β€œB”,β€œC”}
But when i click the dropdown, there is no A,B C in it. only shows β€œno item found”
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Hi @eimon,

the thing with apps is that you have to run the process within the apps similar to attended automation. So you have to add a button or slider, which you click, and where you add a rule: start process. Then it should work.

Then the process runs and after several seconds the dropdown is displayed. I also asked the forum if there is a different option since one does not want to wait x seconds until the dropdown is available. But it seems that it is not possible yet.