How to build a dropdown in UiPath apps

How do we build a functional dropdown using UiPath apps.
I want to build multiple dropdowns in my app page where all have static options.
Any pointers would be highly appreciated.
@loginerror @ksrinu070184 help please.

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Hey @shetanshudhar

You can have three dropdowns on the page with values.

Based on dropdown element events you can make others available or not.

Thanks :slight_smile:

@Nithinkrishna how do we put values in the drop-down? It asks me for an input list and a column. Can you show me via screenshots or any link to any tutorial directly creating dropdowns in UiPath apps will be helpful.

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Hey @shetanshudhar,

  1. Create a process with an out argument in main workflow of type string array. Add it in your app.

  1. Go to your dropdown element and map the process out argument to the list source.

  1. Go to the page event - in which the dropdown is present

  1. Edit Rule & Use Start process action to initiate your process.

That’s it you are good to go.

Once you run the app, you can see your dropdown with populated values

Adding to it, You can have any number of arguments and map it to various dropdowns accordingly.

Thanks :slight_smile:


@Nithinkrishna so do we need to run background processes having string array out arguments via bots every time we want to populate values in a dropdown in UiPath apps?

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Yep Right, for now that is the case.