Set the value in dropdown on UIPath app

I have a list of strings that gets displayed from the config file, How do I set those values to uipath app, Tried doing Out_List and binded the value, but getting blank filed.

Hi @Dimple_Mandal,
If I got it properly, you need to push the list as an output argument of List(of string) type to Apps and then it should work. You need to also publish a new version of your process to Orchestrator, rise the version up and finally refresh processes in Apps directly so all new data will be available to it.

But the problem is, every time I have to run the bot to get the list in dropdown. Once I run the bot, the list populates, and if I close the app and do a preview again it’s gone, then run the bot again.

Are you able to show some screenshots and show us step-by-step how and what you are doing? It will be easier to understand and help you.

Once all the three steps are done, I close the app and do a Preview again, the list again disappears and then I have to follow the above steps again, But I need the list at first go

One More thing i am populating the list from Config File

It is because the Apps have access to data that are pushed to it by the process. So you need to trigger the process at the beginning of your application before it will start. You can do it by creating the rule for your starting page so it will load the data from the process before starting the app.

You need to treat Apps similarly to the form object which gains data from the process and push them to the process.

Can I trigger the process in background initially in the beginning of the application, or else it shows the whole process,(opening of Web Page, selecting values and all).

In the start process rule you have a section When started and When completed where you can put an additional Show/Hide Spinner object that will make your app blurred for the moment when the process will be running.

So when started should i keep the checkBox for Is Spinner Visible Checked over their to get it blurred.

Yup, exactly as I showed you on the screen.

But still i can see my web page (Stock exchange page) opens and it enters data

I would need to fully understand your process here.
Basically, if you need any data to be available in Apps at the beginning you need to have a separate process in the Orchestrator that will be triggered at the beginning to get this data and pump Apps with it. Then if you need any other action to be possible with these data you need to have another process that will perform it based on a button trigger for example.

Ok, Then I will do one thing I will create a different process to fetch the drop down list from config and then I will run the main process.

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Thankyouu soooo much,it Worked

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