How to set range color to automatic?

Hi, I would like to clear the range color of an excel sheet, but color White seems to be remove the cell borders as well like below, how do I just clear the color previously set?


Hi @inyourgravity

Try this

Or you can try to create a macro and execute it from Studio.


Hi @inyourgravity. I had the exact same problem as you did and just found solution.
Instead of picking a color from the list you can use System.Drawing.Color.FromArgb(0,255,255,255) which creates a Color structure from the alpha, red, green, and blue values, alpha being the transparency value so if you set it to 0 the color will be fully transparent and the borders will be visible.
See: Color.FromArgb Method (System.Drawing) | Microsoft Learn

The topic is pretty old but hopefully it will help someone