Fill excel color / highlight cells

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I am trying to see if a cell in the excel sheet can be highlighted/filled with a color based on a condition, Is this doable using UiPath.


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Check this

Color Excel


Hi @vvaidya

I am getting a weird error when trying the set range.

Whats your range value in Set Color?

Realized the excel sheet was protected,

Hello - I came across this and begin testing in my environment. In my excel sheet, I’m trying to highlight rows where the previously calculated variance is >0. In you example your have “length” as the criteria. How can I change that to accommodate my scenario? Please let me know if I need to explain myself further. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!

Something like this?

dtTable1.Select(“Variance > 0”)

Thank you for the prompt reply. I’m getting this warning:

Compiler error(s) encountered processing expression 'dtTable1.Select(“Variance >0”).
Value of type ‘1-dimensional array of system.Data.DataRow’ Cannot be converted to Boolean.

Any advice on what this may be? Thanks!

Should have been more specific Variance is the column where you are calculating variance and it should be assigned to Data Row Array.

Makes sense, thank you. One more question. I’m getting this error. I assume its because “Variance” column is repeated 3 or 4 times in the excel sheet. Could that be the issue?

Here is the whole workflow:

Yes column name has to be unique.

Thanks again!!!