Fill Cell color in Excel

Hi Team,

I want to color in excel cell,And my cell is dynamic.
So i have use “Set Range color” activity under excel application scope.And its working fine.

My problem is,After each cell color it’s saving excel file automatically however i already unchecked auto save option in excel application scope.

Any another way to solve this problem…

I guess there is an “Auto Save” settings at excel level (Options) which you may have to uncheck.

I already unchecked that

Can you uncheck this option & try ?


Thanks for reply !
But in my case UIPath saving excel file.
And its save after the execution of “Set range color” activity.

what is the issue you are facing if the file is saved.? why do you need file unsaved.?

I’m assuming you are using the Excel Set Range Color activity and the Excel Scope that it’s inside has autosave unchecked.

Make sure you have the most up to date Excel Package is installed.

If you feel all settings are correct in UiPath, then you should provide a sample workflow file that reproduces it. If it’s a bug, then you would want to post that to the support line HERE