How to remove excel cell color

How do i remove excel cell color after using set range color on it?

Any help is appreicated

@zhongyong11 again use set range color and mention ur required range and color as white. I think this work and try it once.



Use the same activity again with a different color.

Karthik Byggari

I wan the excel to revert to it original color. Which has no color


If you want to reset the color, set the color to white. It is the default color pattern in Excel.

Karthik Byggari

okay will give it a try. Thanks

you can use system.drawing.color.white or system.drawing.color.transparent but the thing is it will remove your cell border.


You can try this with Macros as well. Create a macro to do your task and execute it from UiPath Studio


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I have encountered the same trouble which the cell color should be none.
Just like other’s recommendation , “system.drawing.color.white” is not the answer.
But I found that with some excel operation steps ,this can be revolved.
If you still be in trouble,
I can give you a sample to solve this problem.

Do you still have the solution? Would be helpful to share :slight_smile:

Try this xaml.
With studio is 2020.10.2,Excel is Microsoft365. (77.4 KB)