How to set properties inside Write Cell (Workbook activity)

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I want to update a column in an Excel with a formula and fill each of its cell with the formula result. In order to fill each cell with the value, I use For Each Row and Write Cell activity. However, I got some issues while setting the properties of Write Cell activity as below image (mostly about data type):

  1. Issue 1

  2. Issue 2

Please advice.

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Hi @D_Okthree

In write cell


Hello D_Okthree,

What to write : You are writing as integer, convert your Integer to string
Where to Write : Excel.Sheet(SheetName).Cell(CellValue)

HI @D_Okthree

Try like this


Hi @D_Okthree

In what to write property, you can only able to pass the string variables. So add .tostring after the code you have written(if the code returns any type like integer, double etc then it converts to string).
In Where to write, give like this: Excel.Sheet("Sheet1").Cell("C1") Then it writes the value in particular cell c1

Note: Don’t forget to check the auto increment row increment the cell value for each iteration.

Hello @D_Okthree

For Each Row in ExcelDataTable

Assign activity: Formula = "=Sheet1!A" + row.Index.ToString + "*2"
Write Cell activity: SheetName = "Sheet1", Cell = "B" + row.Index.ToString, Value = Formula

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@Dilip_Wakdikar_1996 ,

Why this is not working in “What to write”?

I also have tried using Convert.ToString() function yet it is not working either.


you need to write it as


please change it and try again


@Shiva_Nikhil ,

It is not working.


can you try by deleting the activity and replacing it with the new write cell and try

if you facing again the same issue

please send the screenshot of the writecell activity which you are using


@lrtetala ,

It is not working under "What to write’.

Hi @D_Okthree
You are using write cell activity so try this

Follow below steps:

  1. Click on Add button

  2. Select Excel and then custom input

  3. Provide your details here

Hi @D_Okthree you are using write cell and in that field you write Excel.Sheet("Sheet1).Range(“C2”), you use range that’s why you are getting error, replace range with cell as follows: