Write Cell Class Design

Hello everyone,
I facing issue while using write cell activity.
I want to add data to the particular column’s row but can’t find solution yet.
How do I add some details to existing column and increment row during every execution.


When you are in a loop…you will have a default variable currentindex which you can use to increase the cell number as needed…it starts with zero and also you will mostly have one column name so we have to add 2 to current index to get to correct cell

Say you want to write in D cell from second row till row x…

Inside loop use "D” + (currentindex+2).ToString will be the cell value


Yeah, I tried that but it will be adding in the different cell of that column


What do you mean by different cell? can you be more elaborate


Do you need to see what is hapenning on the screen? If not - read data table (it will give you data table variable). Iterate through that data table in studio. Write range it to A1. It will overwrite old data with new one :slight_smile:

Means I have one sheet in which there four columns as CityName, Temperature, Humidity, Wind respectively.
City Name as Mumbai, Delhi and so on.
My use case is give the input to google get the values from google and write in the others 3 column’s with respect to city name.
But its not working, I given syntax in write cell activity as “B2”+count.tostring
(B2:- First cell of the temperature column)


Let me explain what you wrote …assume count is 1 then

B2 + 1 = B21 because both are strings…

So if you want to write to B3 and say the count is starting from 1 then you havr to give cell as "B” + (count+2).ToString = B +(1+2).ToString = B3

Which is peovided here

So please use as provided and it wouls write as expected