How to set flag to an existing mail based on the mail subject?

Hi Team,

I am trying to set flag to existing outlook mail in input folder. Flag should be set based on certain criteria (eg : subject =zzz, if mail is duplicate mail)

I am not aware of doing this , kindly help me in automating this.

Thanks in advance.:grinning:

Not sure what exactly what you want to do, but go to through your mails you can use a ForEach then to get the Subject of each mail use mail.Subject.ToString.

Once you have the subject you can flag as you want to …

See the attached image for more example.

Hey Thapelo,

Thank you for your quick response. I am able to read mails and fetch all the details like subject etc. The only thing I need is how to flag a mail through uipath automation.
Any custom code or package is also fine for flagging the mail.

For more insite: Basically if we get duplicate mails from sender, we need to keep the 1st mail and flag the other mails.
Hope now you are clear with the question!