Modify existing Outlook mail subject


It could be possible to modify the subject of an existing mail in my outlook using the uipath activities?

i have my mails in a list and the specific mail in a variable, it could be possible to modify that variable and update in outlook?

thank you

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Same problem, did you solve it?

Hi Did you found the solution for it? or any workaround. Please let me know.

Unfortunatly only a workaround, no UiPath activity. Just use the UI to open Outlook, open the email (in a new window) and click on the subject to change it.

Hi @Brett22,

Did you find any workaround for the problem?


Hello, @Lucas.Pimenta and @aksh1yadav
I am also facing the same issue.
Hope you guys have any idea on this.


Here’s a example of how to deal with the Mail properties. It maybe help you with this: getMailProperties_Example.xaml (10.4 KB)


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Hi, this is useful to get the different properties of an email.

But the question is how it is possible to modify any existing property in the email and keep the chages saved in Outlook or the mail client.

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Hi @Brett22

Could you show how it’s done in the Outlook by the user? My first instinct is that emails integrity would be compromised if it was very easy to simply edit it’s content.

Hey @loginerror
We can simply open respective mail from inbox, edit the subject of the mail and save the mail.

I got it, sorry for the silly question - I am a gmail person :smiley:

There is no official activity for that, so the way to achieve it would be via some custom code (either a custom activity or potentially a macro for Outlook).

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Thank you @loginerror , I was also thinking of the same solution.

Hi there,

you can use the Activity of the Alphabet.Workflow.Activities for this.

You can install it via “Community Plugins” in you UiPath package manager
UiPath Gallery

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Hi @mwerner
This worked. Thanks a lot.

Good work! Thanks for your sharing

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