How to set clipboard

Hi to all,
help for a simple task.
Is there a way to set up the clipboard, knowing the fixed elements?
I explain:
i know how to set up a clipboard by taking data from a table.
But I have to set up a Clipboard of stable elements. (SAP document type). The list is fixed.
I don’t know the correct formatting of the text to put in the command, if there is any way.

I tried this, but it doesn’t work properly on SAP.

Thanks a lot.

Hi @AaronMark .

Steps to do this:

1 - Create one string by appending each value with Environment.NewLine.
2 - Set that string to Set clipboard.
3 - There is an button in SAP to paste copied data, please confirm if it’s there in your SAP window or not.

i understand what you mean, but i don’t know what the correct format of the string…

“String.Join(Environment.NewLine,DocType.AsEnumerable().Take(7).[Select](Function(s) s.Field(Of String)(“Type”)).ToArray())”

I used this to get the list from the database.
don’t know where to put the list though?

Not sure but it works in the same way that you have also used.

What kind of variable is “list”?
I get an error.


Good! It Works Well.
Thanks Ermanoj!

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Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

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