Set To Clipboard on SAP

Hi all

I have about 50 different numbers I would like to upload from Clipboard in SAP. This is the SAP input screen:


My question is, how do I Set To Clipboard? I’ve tried these ways:


But as I need them to appear on a new line, neither are working.

Any suggestions?


Try to save it in a list variable and pass that variable to for each activity

Inside the loop use the set to clipboard activity and pass input as item.ToString
Then use a Send hot key with ctrl+v as key within the loop

So that it will be added to clipboard one by one and pasted one by one

Cheers @Short

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  1. First pass your string input to SetToClipboard activity.

  2. And in the same screen you have an option in SAP application like “Copy from Clipboard”. Just click on that button and then it will write into one by one line.

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