How to set text clear it and set another text on clipboard

I want to input a list extracted out of excel into SAP.
I want to use its copy from clipboard function. but I want to do it multiple times.
So every time I want to

  1. Clear clipboard
  2. copy my text
  3. input into SAP
  4. clear clipboard
  5. copy another text
  6. copy into SAP


Have you tried something like this? It will clean your clipboard. Then you just have to pass another value with the same activity, changing the “string.Empty” with the value that you need.


I think its very simple.



Hi Kunal,
Do an activity search in Studio for “Clipboard”.
Get From Clipboard and Set to clipboard will get you going as Lucas mentioned!

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I already did that.
I know that method and I am using the same
What I am doing is

set text to clipboard (text 1)
copy to SAP box 1
Set text to clipboard(text 2)
Copy to SAP box 2

When I run the bot
it copies text 2 in the box 1 in SAP.

I think bcoz the last set text was text2

Let me try string.Empty


Have you tried to clean it before assign the new value as I mentioned?

I tried and still the same.

its copying text 2 in SAP box 1 and box 2
Somehow text 1 is lost

I think I found my mistake


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Congrats :smiley: