Loading values from the list variable to the clipboard

Hello, everybody,

I have a list variable (Of String) with two values, “1” and “2”.
Is it possible to copy all values of the list variable to the clipboard?

I use the activity “Set To Clipboard”, but with the activity “Write Line” I don’t get 1 and 2 as result, but “System.Collections.Generic.List`1[System.String]”.


You can store the whole list as a string in the clipboard.

String.join(yourListVariable, ",")

Pass this in the set clipboard activity



Apologies, it should be

 String.Join(",", yourListVariable)
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It’s working, thanks!
Can I separate the values not with a comma, but with an Enter.



must go to


will be.


Then use Environment.NewLine.ToCharArray for Enter or for a new line

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