How to send recurring outlook email on monthly basis

Hi @dmacha ,

Deploy your process of sending email monthly once in your orchestrator server and schedule your process to run monthly once so that it will send email each and every month. sharing my thought. thanks.

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Hi @kirankumar.mahanthi1 ,

Thanks for the response. Currently I am using studio x training path. Can I still use Orchestrator? If yes, what are the steps to deploy ?

Hi @dmacha ,

Yeah you are having great thoughts while doing the training in studiox. All the best for your learning. you could use UiPath free cloud orchestrator and deploy your process and run the process un attended way by using orchestrator scheduler.

Could you please complete the your studiox training in academy and proceed with the orchestrator training in the same academy. please follow the below links it might guide you to reach your goal. thanks.


UiPath Academy: RPA Training | UiPath Online Training


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