UiPath Automation Question

I have a use case where I get data from a data base into an excel file.

Based on the data bot to has to send emails out. This process is pretty straight forward.

But I also need to schedule an email 6 months out for certain records. For those records only again the data must be pulled from the data base.

Has any one done this ? What is the best possible solution to achieve this? I have UiPath orchestrator as well.


Can you bit little more elaborate on what you mean by 6 months out ? DO you mean every 6 months an email needs to be sent for certain specific ids by pulling last 6 months data?


I figured out how to handle it. Thanks! :smiley:

Great to know ! :smile:
Don’t hesitate to explain your solution, and mark it as a final solution so the thread is closed - and helps others that have the same issue :wink:

I used a dispatcher , performer model.

The dispatcher adds the items to the queue.

The performer processes the items. When the emails need to sent out 6 months out. I add a new item to the queue with postpone for 6 months date.

Once the date is reached the processor runs again and sends out the email.

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