Triggering Emails at specific date


I want to trigger email or send email at specific dates from outlook mailbox.

How can I do that?

WIth the Standard-UiPath Outlook-SendMail-functionality this is not possible but you can do this with Outlook-features:

You can have the dates in a config file and us it to send emails on specific dates.

Or else you can have a input dialog to get the date.


I want to send one email on 27th of every month from my outlook. Can you help me in this?

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you can do this with UiPath & Orchestrator. You have to create a robot which sends the email you want to send and set up a scheduling in Orchestrator which sends on the 27th of every month.

You can do this in orchestrator via a cron-expression:

0 0 0 27 * ? *

See the following website for how to create a cron-expression: