How to send forward one mail to other mailadresses

Thanks hermawan. It worked for me perfectly

HI Farhi,

I have already defined the TypeArgument with your comment but it still not gone.
Kindly help to fix the issue.

what is the error you’re getting then?

Solution to forward a mail even if the original mail has pictures or tables (HTML body) and will keep the original format:
I am using Exchange activities.

1.Get Exchange Mail activity (IsBodyHtml - True) → Output: inboxMails
2.Send Exchange Mail activity
-Forward Property (MailMessage - inboxMail(0) or the MailMessage variable that you want to forward)
-if you do not fill Body and Subject fields, the forwarded mail will have the original body and subject
-To (the receiver address)
-IsBodyHtml → True


Hi @VladTof

I tried above mentioned steps, i am able to forward, tables are coming but images are coming as image

Can anyone help me?


Hi Latika,

I think you are using outlook if yes try to open your outlook mail from chrome .

@kalyanDev I am using Get exchange mail and Send exchange mail activities.


@Latika10011740 okay…are you using outlook mail or gmail ? because outlook sometimes will not load messages properly in desktop application so try to open in mail box in chrome

@kalyanDev its outlook not gmail

then open that mail box in chrome in
check once

@kalyanDev yes i checked from web outlook also,


okay… have you tried using Send-outlook-mail activities ?

I tried send outlook also same issue images are not coming for email body.

Hi @Latika10011740… issue occurs only you fwd the email or it happens while sending the new message also?

@prasath17 Same issue while sending as well.

Please try this

use Assign activity mail.IsBodyHtml=True before forwarding that particular mail. it worked for me while replying on the same email. format was same after using this.

Hi @Latika10011740 … Please check this post…

How to send "multiple Screenshot image" to Microsoft Outlook in the "Body" of the "Email"!

It will convert the image to base64 string.