How to send "multiple Screenshot image" to Microsoft Outlook in the "Body" of the "Email"!

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Kindly provide me the solution, “how to send multiple screenshot images in the body of the Email” ?

I have tried to send only 1 screenshot image (by using HTML coding) in the body of the Email; however, the following overview can be seen in the body of Email, where the screenshot is not at all visible:


Moreover, the following hard cording has been done by me in the “Body section” of the activity , " Send Outlook Mail Message"

where; “AllDocumentsFilepath” is: Directory.GetFiles(“Location of the Folder”)


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firstly, Directory.GetFiles(“…”) returns an array of files, not just one file, so you have to loop the result.

You need to convert the the image file to base64 format then put the base64 format string into your email body.

Use my workflow to convert image to base64 string:
pass in your image path and it will output a string
ConvertImageToBase64.xaml (5.5 KB)

Then in email body, replace <img src=AllDocumentsFilepath><br><br> with the output string and it will be ok

Your image will have to be png, if you want it to be jpg change the “png” here to “jpg”

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@jack.chan : Thank you ! I will try this and get back to you !

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