How to send completion status email?

Hi, Can anybody help me.
I want my bot to notify via email after successful execution. How do i achieve this?
Thanks in advance.

Hi, welcome to the community!
The easiest way to do that is to put a Send Email activity at the end of your process.

you mean send email activity in EndProcess state… but what to write in it? I mean in what variable will the status of the bot-execution can be saved, that I can later on use to send email…that I am not able to understand.

If you are using REF to build your project and you are now in the End Process state the you can check for errors like this:

Then you will know all went ok whitout errors, or if you need something else, you can create more variables to read.

I am basically working with transaction items in REFRAMEWORK. And I wanted to send an email with status of bot when it processed each transaction item…

Then it is not there you should do, but as the last activity of your process state.

@aishwarya.gupta I think you should send the email in the Success Sequence of Set Transaction Status Workflow since you want to send success mails for each of the transaction items, similarly you can send an email when an error occurs in the BusinessRule Exception Sequence or the System Exception Sequence of the Set Transaction Status workflow.

Hi, thank you, but by this, if there are 5 items, then there will be 5 emails…but I want only 1 email to be sent with all the statuses.

However, I have got it done now.


Hmm fine
Then it’s like we will be getting transaction item from get transaction state and is processed one by one in Process State.
If it gets processed make a note of that transaction item in a datatable with a status column as successful

Then atlast from get transaction state when there is no more data to be processed it will go to END process state through a TRANSITION

Inside that Transition use a send mail activity and send the status as a whole for all transactions been processed

Cheers @aishwarya.gupta



You can check as below

In No data, double click on that, Now you can place your logic inside that

Hope this helps



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